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Another former Monterey TN Police Chief facing jail time.

On July 14, 2013, in states, by Scott Alexander Meiner

Another former Monterey, TN Police Chief is facing jail time. Former Police Chief Kevin Phillips reportedly surrendered to authorities following indictment by a Putnam County Grand Jury on one count of official misconduct. Phil Williams, Chief Investigative Reporter for the outstanding News Channel 5 Investigates, reports further:

“Phillips is accused of ordering a U.S. Army surplus bulldozer last summer and then using town drug funds to have it delivered to a piece of land that he was clearing for his personal use. The misuse of government equipment was first exposed as part of NewsChannel 5′s two-year “Policing for Profit” investigation.

District Attorney General Randy York asked the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to open a case, resulting in the former police chief’s indictment. Phillips resigned in March when the current Monterey mayor initiated proceedings that could have resulted in his termination.

His resignation letter, delivered to the town offices, made no mention of the scandal that ended his tenure as police chief. “It has been an honor and a privilege to serve the town of Monterey and its wonderful citizens for the past three years, as this has been my hometown my whole life and will continue to be,” Phillips wrote. He was appointed to lead the eight-person police department three years ago after another scandal involving the prior chief.” Phil Williams, Former Monterey Police Chief Surrenders To Authorities, News Channel 5, 09 July 2013.

Phillips’ predecessor pleaded guilty to theft after guns and some $30,000.00 went missing.

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