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WLOX 13 in Jackson, Mississippi, reports on an extremely rare victory by a citizen against the government in a civil forfeiture case. The man in question is a physician named David Allen; Allen incidentally credits jury nullification with helping vindicate him in the related criminal charges. Here’s the story:

A former Pascagoula heart surgeon maintains the county’s drug task force deliberately tried to destroy his life.

Three years ago, Dr. David Allen was arrested on charges of growing marijuana on his 46 acre property in a rural part of the county. At his first trial, the jury could not reach a verdict.

Earlier this week, the District Attorney announced all charges against the doctor would be dropped, due to lack of evidence.

WLOX News spoke with Dr. Allen in an exclusive interview Wednesday afternoon.

“I have been made homeless from this incident. I have been homeless for three years now,” the doctor said in an interview via Skype.

David Allen said he became so desperate that he attempted suicide.

“I was in a coma for three days. I really wanted to kill myself. Only through the grace of God did I make it through that.”

Dr. Allen also maintains the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department didn’t even find marijuana on his land.

“This was all an invention by the drug task force,” he said. “They planted photographs and other things that will come out in the future. They tried to vilify me. I think Sheriff Mike Byrd targeted me.”

Dr. Allen’s attorney is Michael Crosby. He admits that some people consider the Dr. Allen to be “eccentric.” At his former practice in California, Dr. Allen was an advocate for medical marijuana. That’s something Crosby said probably did not sit well with local law enforcement.

As for David Allen, he maintains the charges and the treatment he received were both unfair and unjust.

“They tried to paint me in the media that I was a menace to society. They tried to demonize me and dehumanize me. When they do this, it justifies their cruelty,” he said.

Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd saw the entire Skype interview WLOX News conducted with Dr. Allen. When asked to comment, the sheriff would only say, “It was all bull.”

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