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Another member of SCORE to plead guilty of theft

On January 11, 2012, in states, by Scott Alexander Meiner

Third member of elite Kansas City Kansas police unit, SCORE, scheduled to plead guilty next week to stealing from suspects during raids. Agents from SCORE were accused of pilfering property from suspects-adding their personal touch to forfeiture. Members of the ironically (and comically) named SCORE (Selective Crime Occurrence Reduction Enforcement) were arrested after their unauthorized requisitioning of Playstation games and consoles turned out to be the Playstation games and consoles that Federal Investigators had planted in suspect’s homes. While we assume that this may be a difficult day for the KCK PD in general, we continue to doff our cap at their resident nomenclator.

Wire from Joe Lambe at the Kansas City Star:

A third member of an elite Kansas City, Kan., police unit who was indicted for stealing from suspects is scheduled to plead guilty next week.

A U.S. District judge today set a change of plea hearing for Dustin Sillings on Jan. 17. The 10-year veteran was charged last year after a sting operation and investigation into thefts while the unit carried out search warrants.

He was charged with one count of conspiracy and one count of theft of government property related to the theft of at least six PlayStation video games and $340 cash, according to court records.

Two other officers, Jeffrey M. Bell and Darryl M. Forrest, also recently agreed to change their pleas next week.

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