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In peaceful Columbia, Missouri (pop. 100,000):

There have been 106 SWAT raids during the period Jan 2007-May 2010:

View SWAT Raids in Columbia, 2007-May 2010 in a larger map

And here is what one of them looked like:

Oh, and I almost forgot. Here’s Brennan David in the Columbia Tribune with statistics:

Columbia’s SWAT team served 106 narcotics search warrants between Jan. 1, 2007, and May 11, 2010. The Tribune, through an open records request, received 99 of those search warrants; the others were considered closed records for various reasons.

Of the 99 SWAT narcotics search warrants granted by the Boone County Circuit Court to Columbia police, officers executed 43 percent of them within hours of being issued. Of those, 65 percent resulted in one felony arrest, and 18 percent resulted in misdemeanor arrests.

But the percentage of warrants producing a felony arrest dropped drastically to 37.5 percent when investigators waited one day before serving the search warrant. In those cases, 50 percent produced misdemeanor arrests.

Many thanks to Grant Watkins and Greg Young, our interns, for doing much of the raw data processing.

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5 Responses to “Columbia Police Department SWAT raids in Columbia, Missouri, 2007-May 2010”

  1. Mandie says:

    That video is horrible. I can’t believe they shot and killed the dog. WTF is wrong with these people? The guy said he wanted an attorney then they proceeded to question him without mirandizing him. Then when he asked what he did they just said “we have a warrant”. Talk about a disgusting piece of police work.

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  3. Question says:

    Why is the Google map shown as an image, instead of an interactive map? I can’t see the addresses or dates of the raids.

  4. Eapen says:

    I’ll be adding that data to the map, along with the warrants the data is culled from. Expect that in a week or so.

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