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Tell Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum To Back Forfeiture Reform!

Americans for Forfeiture Reform has the opportunity to present our proposals for reform to the recently elected Oregon Attorney General, Ellen Rosenblum. We ask you to add your name in support of our proposal using the contact form below. Please also share this form with your Oregon friends and family.



Dear Attorney General Rosenblum,

Since their introduction in law enforcement in the early 1990’s, asset forfeiture laws have been enmeshed in controversy. We think that reforming these laws presents a unique opportunity for your administration to protect the security of Oregon’s citizens and bolster the effectiveness and reputation of Oregon’s law enforcement agencies.

We advocate the following three reforms:

1)      End Oregon law enforcement participation in federal Equitable Sharing asset forfeiture programs. Oregon law enforcement can help solve important federal cases and participate with federal enforcement without circumventing Oregon state law regarding the process and disposition of asset forfeiture cases.

2)      Mandate that all forfeitures be sent to the state’s general fund. If law enforcement needs funding for drug law enforcement or any other kind of operation, they can go to the elected representatives of the state who sit in the Legislature and ask for appropriations.

3)      Abolish civil asset forfeiture. If justice requires restitution or the forfeiture of property, the law will still allow judges to punish criminals effectively through the sentencing process.

These reforms will ensure that law enforcement priorities remain direct and relevant to the citizens of Oregon, and that the rights of citizens to life, liberty, and property are upheld.

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