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From The Willits News:

Another $130,000 added to asset forfeiture fund

A McKinleyville man was stopped near Laytonville on November 7 with marijuana, cash totaling $130,000 and a TASER.

Illegally tinted windows was the reason cited by officers for pulling over a vehicle on Highway 101 just north of Laytonville. When the driver, John Dean Limer Denney, 36, of McKinleyville was questioned, the deputy smelled marijuana and a search began.

Deputies recovered one pound of bud marijuana, several sheets with detailed listings of marijuana transactions, a TASER and $130,000 in cash. They also noticed four large rubberized sea bags known to the officers as popular marijuana transport containers.

Denney was arrested on suspicion of possession and transportation of marijuana and possession of money intended for a drug transaction.

Denney posted $50,000 bail and was released.

 According to Wikipedia, Laytonville, a town in Mendocino County, has a population of under 1,300.

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