Texas: McClennan County DA Announces $1 Million in Forfeiture Revenues Since 2010

Waco News Channel 25 (KXXV) reports:

The McLennan County district attorney's office has reached a big milestone.

They've collected over $1 million worth of forfeited assets in less than four years under DA Abel Reyna.

Reyna released the numbers exclusively to News Channel 25 on Tuesday.

He says the contraband collected is from criminal activity like drug sales, gambling and money laundering.  

Reyna says, "Asset forfeiture is essentially attacking the fruit of criminal behavior. It's one thing to go after conduct, it's another to go after the property that's a result of that conduct. And you have to be firm on both ends to combat and fight crime."The forfeited assets are either auctioned off, sold or destroyed.

Reyna says the proceeds are distributed between law enforcement, DA and clerk's offices.

Reyna's haul includes a Dr. Pepper machine, 2 DVD players, 52 DVDs, 4 chrome rims and tires, 2 Sony Playstations and 3 games, a pair of Beats headphones.

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  • commented 2014-05-19 08:54:31 -0500
    I am planning on moving to the west coast for retirement and had planned on driving through and visiting Texas……well I be shit and godamned if I’m driving anywhere near that state of corruption….wtf. The new organized crime syndicate is Law Enforcement plain and simple. The everyday person doesn’t stand a chance with these cowboys holding you up and taking your money and valuables. Sanctioned organized crime…in the land of the free…GFY Texas!