Cliven Bundy still not paid $1M+ OR faced any Asset Forfeiture!

Hello - Given the many excellent columns and stories relating to unfair forfeitures, etc., we urge you to please FOLLOW UP on the 'Bundy Story'. Most Americans are not aware that Cliven Bundy has easily avoided such Forfeiture and STILL has not paid the $1M+ he owes. How is this even possible, given the outrageous stories your write about? The fundamental unfairness of such hypocrisy and failure is more outrageous than many egregious stories you've written about - because of his social and political 'standing' and because of his nationally-televised criminal acts intended to achieve his goal of "I will never pay!". "Equal Protection under the Law" now confuses our children, who all saw rifles pointed at US Law Enforcement Officers - with NO Consequences!?!

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