Bill introduced to end civil forfeiture regime in Michigan

New forfeiture reform legislation introduced in Michigan.

Jarrett Skorup reports

"Jacque Sutton didn’t commit any crime but police impounded his 1989 Mustang GT and charged him $900 to get it back. His offense was attending a party in 2009 at an art gallery in Detroit which didn't have a permit to hold an event with dancing and DJs. Police raided the place and gave everyone tickets for illegal occupation, which were later waived. But Sutton's car was seized and he couldn't get his property back until he paid the money as a result of Michigan's asset forfeiture law. 

He's not alone. Since 2001, Michigan agencies have seized at least $250 million worth of property and money from citizens. While much of what's seized comes from criminals, a significant amount of assets and a number of cases involve people like Sutton. A newly introduced bill would prevent many of those situations. House Bill 5213, sponsored by Rep. Jeff Irwin, D-Ann Arbor, would prohibit civil asset forfeiture in Michigan unless a person is convicted of a crime...."

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