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    Check out O’Cannabiz Conference & Expo! Register today!
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    Drug abuse in the workplace and reasonable suspicion training at has helpful educational materials.
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    here’s an idea. let ‘em go. nothing wrong with businessmen transporting their product. it’s not like they were trafficking heroin or meth. it’s pot. you know pot, safer than alcohol or tobacco (both of which are currently legal)

    oh, and let’s put an end to this forfeiture bs !!!

    see – forfeiture reform dot com
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    I need an attorney in central Missouri that handles forfeiture cases.
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    Friends, time to unify for common solution to the many problems we have originating with an infiltrated federal government. Search for my arguments FOR a lawful and peaceful revolution on web forums. Search that and “preparatory amendment”
    I post as Christopher A. Brown.
    We “the people are the rightful masters of the congress and the courts” (Lincoln 1859) through our unanimous agreement upon prime constitutional intent.
    Begin NOW to agree and accept these prime principles;
    “Do you agree and accept that the framers of the founding documents intended for us to alter or abolish government destructive to our unalienable rights?

    Do you agree and accept that the ultimate purpose of free speech is to enable the unity adequate to effectively alter or abolish?"
    Avoid spreading out. Concentrate your activity on this on one forum at a time. Admins of this site can help by posting a link to a forum to concentrate on for perhaps one month at a time.
    I suggest start at the where I was banned for trying to promote this agreement.
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    Loretta Lynch: “Civil forfeiture is a very important tool.”

    Grassley clashes with police association over controversial asset seizures
    In a statement, Fraternal Order of Police president Chuck Canterbury said the proposal would deprive local and state departments of “hundreds of millions” in funding needed to fight crime and terror.

    Grassley dismissed the statement, saying civil-asset forfeiture laws have created a “perverse incentive” for police to cut corners and seize cash and property without clear evidence of a crime.

    Forfeiture $quads.

    Police seize property and cash in questionable raids via @freepideo.php?v=887320937966267

    The Fine Print in Holder’s New Forfeiture Policy Leaves Room for Continued Abuses

    NM: Bill Would Kill ‘Policing For Profit’
    Law Enforcement Seeks Veto of Legislation Ending Civil Asset Forfeiture

    Money Grubbing Dung Worriers

    How Police Confiscation Is Destroying America, Part 1

    Drug mishandling may have tainted 40,000 cases

    “As someone who spent 35 years wearing a police uniform, I’ve come to believe that hundreds of thousands of law-enforcement officers commit felony perjury every year testifying about drug arrests.”
    - Joseph McNamara, former San Jose Chief of Police
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    Check out Americans for Forfeiture Reform via @forfeitureabuse
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    Check out Americans for Forfeiture Reform via @forfeitureabuse
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    Check out Americans for Forfeiture Reform via @forfeitureabuse
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    TED VALENTIN I am starting this petition to bring attention to a little known law called, The Civil Asset Forfeiture Law. I am fighting the injustice that is being committed by my local police department under this law. In this case the injustice is coming from the Willow Springs police http://www.willowsprings-il. gov/departments/police- department/ They are in fact stealing my property and lying to me by saying that they are investigating for possible theft. I have meet in person with the police chief three times and provided all receipts and pictures and still he claims that is not proof enough. At this point there are no charges filed against me and the equipment comes out as not stolen on the data base and I don’t even a letter or voucher to prove that they have my equipment
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    Activism is the only way to curb this theft. I have made the promise that I will fight this on behalf of America. If you understand how the Constitution and the other documents entrusted to us by the Founding Fathers, and their original intent, then you can win, and I will. We are seeing evidence of a coming victory already. When the other side starts critiquing FRCP, with no real substantive replies, then you know they have nothing but fraud. Its enjoyable watching federal judges squirm. We are constantly told that these people enjoy absolute immunity from prosecution, and this is simply a lie. It is important to remember folks, municipalities are mere corporations, not government entities. They have a SIC code that proves they are corporations, for profit, like Walmart. Would you let Walmart steal your money?
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    I was robbed a few years back by a tactic you mentioned above. I had money in a safe in the truck and cop asked to search which I complied and told me dog hit on safe. Well everyone knows that almost all money has drug smell on it and they stole all my money. Even crazier how corrupt they were instead of putting exact amount of money they only put 5 bundles of cash on the paperwork. I will never get back will I?
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    I’ve started a White House petition for forfeiture reform at
    Please sign it.
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    A municipal kangaroo court will never rule in your favor. The judges and lawyers play under color of law. The fictitious war on drugs has made this “ok” with the people, until it happens to them. People need to wake up before its too late. Time to get involved.
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    The worst thing that you can do, is go into any court other than a United States District Court. NOT the DISTRICT COURT of THE UNITED STATES. File a lawsuit in Federal Court. It costs $400. The US Constitution outlines the legality in this. I am in a CF case now, Pro Se. They are making mistakes one after the other. They will lose. Understand, there is no immunity, as they claim. The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure state that you can sue government employees in their personal capacity, or their would be no provision for it when filing. Many that fight this un Constitutional lawlessness get their money back. File under RICO, and have no mercy. They will make their mistakes, and you capitalize on them.
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    Check out Americans for Forfeiture Reform
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    Check out Americans for Forfeiture Reform
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    TY :)
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    Very sad flower. Who can afford to pay a lawyer to fight for your rights? not me. HELP! Much love, Shad in Idaho
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    I am smack dab at the end of a civil forfeiture case! I stand to lose my most prized possessions. My Grandpa’s antique .22? My Daddy’s sidearm? $500.00? WTH? NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER TO TOUCH MY STUFF! OK they had a right to touch it, inspect it, TAKE A FRIGGING PICTURE OF IT. But no right to remove it.
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    DEA seized 400 k from my companys accounts because they didn’t like a medication one of the seven doctors in my employ was prescribing. This happened a year and a half ago and I was never formally charged with a crime, nor did I commit one.
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    TY :)
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    Look forward to contributing thank you
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    and will hopefully be able to participate and volunteer.