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More Ways To Monetize Drug-Dogs

On November 12, 2012, in federal, states, Uncategorized, by Scott Alexander Meiner

DrugBeat K-9 Certifications, who provided certification for drug-sniffing canines Aldo (of Florida v. Harris fame) and Cierra (who gave an alert leading to the forfeiture of $21,175 of Terrance Durr’s cash), offers “70% commission on all certifications performed” to certifying agents operating within the private firm’s global franchising (boasting ”certifying agents across the United States, Canada, UK and Costa Rica”).

Once approved, certifying agents operate as satellite franchisees able to bestow certificates. Notably, DrugBeat K-9 Certifications’ web presence implies laxer standards for certification and certifying agents when contrasted to the best practices recommended by the International Forensic  Research Institute–including less requisite experience, less demonstrated independence, less demanded accuracy, and less oversight. That seems especially problematic when the certifying agent is a nearby, also small, police department–as was the case when the Austell, GA police department certified the Harris County, GA Sheriff’s Department dog who alerted to Durr’s cash–and when judges put so much weight on a positive alert that cash can be forfeited on a drug theory where no drugs are found–as was the case for Terrance Durr–and when the police departments get to keep the cash–as is the case throughout most of our country.


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2 Responses to “More Ways To Monetize Drug-Dogs”

  1. k9 crazy says:

    First thing first this article is a joke. This is not bar news its real life. K9 handlers and k9s are held to very high standards.Did you check backgrounds on scrotbags bringing drugs to your schools and houses? Have you took time to think how many lives have been saved during the war due to k9? people think for yourself. The only ones questioning the honor or training is the dope boyz.

    • luvk9 says:

      Get over it dope boyz If Cierra hit on the money, you can rest assure the drugs where there at some time or another. Im sure Harris Count put the money to good use. Good Job Cierra and Harris county k-9.

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