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The State of Indiana is attempting to block the return of a 10-year old’s piggy bank.

The piggy bank was seized as part of a raid of Russell Hill’s home after Hill was stopped, relieved of his cash and vehicle, and arrested on suspicion of Professional Gambling (IC 35-45-5-3) and Promoting Professional Gambling (IC 35-45-5-4). The Indiana State Police and Indiana Gaming Commission then executed a raid of Russell Hill’s domicile. The piggy bank was located and seized as part of the raid.

Hill’s attorney filed a motion to return the piggy bank, noting that it was the property of Hill’s 10-year old daughter. Overcoming objections from the State, the court ordered the return of the piggy bank.

Undaunted, the State has filed an appeal to block the return of the child’s piggy bank.

Keith Rhoades, of the Reporter Times, is reporting that Morgan County Prosecutor Steve Sonnega is also “proceeding with forfeiture action on $1,400 Hill had in his possession when he was arrested and for his Cadillac.”

Sonnega tried to just justify the piggy bank forfeiture action by claiming that “in addition to containing money, it might have evidence inside.”  (http://www.heraldtimesonline.com/stories/2012/02/03/news.268059.sto)



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