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Give AFR some holiday love!

On December 15, 2011, in Endorsements, by Eapen Thampy

Yesterday, Radley Balko at The Agitator graciously plugged Americans for Forfeiture Reform as a donation-worthy organization this holiday season:

Friend of The Agitator Eapen Thampy has started a promising new organization calledAmericans for Forfeiture Reform, which works to raise awareness about forfeiture abuses, to change forfeiture laws to make them more fair, and to match victims of forfeiture abuse with attorneys or legal organizations who can help them out.

This coming year, we’re excited to be publishing several policy studies on asset forfeiture, and we’ll be involved with several state-level reform efforts, and also in Congress, where a forfeiture scandal concerning the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration is attracting Congressional attention. I’m particularly hoping to raise the funds to hire a legislative analyst this year as well.

I’d also like to express thanks to the people who have supported us in the past. Forfeiture reform has never been a well-recognized or funded part of the criminal justice or drug policy reform effort, and I see reform efforts as critical to address numerous lapses in American democratic governance.

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