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AFR is Smart on Crime

On February 14, 2011, in Endorsements, by Eapen Thampy

Americans for Forfeiture Reform is a proud member of the Smart on Crime coalition, a coalition “comprised of more than 40 organizations and individuals, who participated in developing policy recommendations across 16 broad issue areas.”

Last week, the Smart on Crime coalition released a document advocating broad-based criminal justice system reform in a number of core areas, including asset forfeiture abuses:

Curb the abuses of federal and state forfeiture powers. Congress should pass comprehensive legislation to curb abuses of federal and state forfeiture powers and fulfill the original intent of the bipartisan Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act and related state reforms. The Administration should issue an executive order or encourage agency rulemaking to limit or forbid the use of equitable sharing to circumvent state law.

The Smart on Crime coalition is a project organized by the Constitution Project, a non-partisan organization that develops bipartisan consensus and policy positions on things like criminal justice system reform.

On the topic of asset forfeiture, Americans for Forfeiture Reform is joined by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (represented by Kyle O’Dowd) and the Institute for Justice (represented by Scott Bullock). Policy recommendations for the asset forfeiture section of the Smart on Crime Document were developed by Scott Bullock, David B. Smith (NACDL), and Roger Pilon (Cato Institute). Below is a clip of Scott Bullock (5:30) detailing the fundamental problems with the use of asset forfeiture laws in America in an interview recorded for the Smart on Crime launch:

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