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From the Press-Enterprise (emphasis mine):

A home security system for former Riverside County District Attorney Rod Pacheco, who was threatened in a newspaper ad during his time as the county’s prosecutor, cost $18,764. The money came from asset forfeiture funds.

The amount included the installation, maintenance and removal of the system, according to a Jan. 13 letter from the district attorney’s office. The information was supplied after The Press-Enterprise filed a California Public Records Act request.

The amount spent on the home security system, and the source of the funds, were the subject of speculation during Pacheco’s time in office.

In January 2008, the office disclosed it had spent more than $163,000 in county funds on Pacheco’s personal security during 2007, most of it after a classified ad was published that Pacheco said appeared to threaten him and his family.

That report was limited to county employee salaries and benefits, expenditures on county vehicles and meals.

It did not break down security equipment expenses and source of funds. The Jan. 13 letter also said former Assistant District Attorney Kelly Keenan approved the payments for the equipment, “under the authority of the District Attorney.”

State asset forfeiture funds are set aside for police and prosecution offices.

The money is derived from, among other things, the auction of material seized during criminal investigations, including cars and homes. It is typically used to buy equipment and other supplies for the agencies.

The disclosure about the security equipment was the second in recent days over Pacheco’s use of the funds for other matters.

More than $104,000 in asset forfeiture funds were used to pay private attorneys in December to defend a lawsuit Pacheco filed against Riverside County officials.

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