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Asset forfeiture in the news

On December 14, 2010, in Drug War, federal, states, by Eapen Thampy

1. Congressman Walther Jones (R-NC) objects to proposed reforms of NOAA’s Asset Forfeiture operations because the reforms would use forfeitures to pay the salaries of administrative law judges presiding over forfeiture proceedings. Here is another account. And another.

2. Aurora, Illinois police take $190,000 from two Hispanic “suspects”; no charges have been filed yet, and the city has yet to present any evidence of a crime. A judge ordered the return of the money, and the city has so far refused. Bonus: uncensored commentary from actual cops on a bulletin board.

3. Howard County, Indiana prosecutor James Fleming used forfeiture money to make unapproved automobile purchases for personal use instead of depositing it in the Indiana school fund as required by law.

4. The RIAA discovered that civil forfeiture exists, and now is pressuring the government to use civil forfeiture to take over websites at whim, without any due process or notification or protection for the site owners. These people are very concerned.

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  1. stoner dave says:

    Im pretty sure they smoked pot on the roof of the white house……..not to mention ALL the cocaine gets used there…………when do we move in?

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