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Public Records: Indiana, Missouri, more to come

On August 10, 2010, in states, by Eapen Thampy

As part of our work, we’re trying to aggregate data and reports on civil forfeitures around the country. Though much of our published work has focused on Missouri, this is a 50-state problem.

In that spirit, here are the first of what will soon turn into an avalanche of documentation on civil forfeitures around the country. Today I’m posting part of our open records request in Indiana and Missouri, and hope to have requests from Colorado, Texas, Michigan, and a couple other states in soon.

In Missouri, we have prosecutor reports to the State Auditor going back to 2004, and State Auditor reports going back to 1999. We also have data on the education fund the money is supposed to be going into from the Department of Revenue. Link here.

In Indiana, we have 2 years of State Treasurer data on the education fund civil forfeiture money is supposed to go to, along with spreadsheet of deposits by year and by county. No, the lack of entries in the spreadsheet is not a mistake; only one of Indiana’s 90+ counties have been in compliance with the law in the past 2 years. Link here.

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