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Ryan Setliff notes:

Capricious asset forfeiture laws and arbitrary regulatory takings in some states encroach upon property rights. It allows police seizure of property in some cases with mere probable cause and destroying any semblance of due process. Many asset forfeiture pursuits pay little regard to the guilt or innocence of parties. Forfeiture laws allow law enforcement agencies to utilize and divvy up seized assets. Horrendous abuses where drug stings or busts transpire with third parties on someone’s property have been used to justify seizure of that property even in such cases, where the owner has no involvement whatsoever or perhaps he merely reported it to authorities. The spoils of forfeited assets are often used to finance law enforcement and regulatory agencies. Budget cuts, spending freezes, and imprudent lawmakers compel some agencies to financially sustain more of their activities not only by fines but also heavy forfeitures. This only acts as an incentive for more abuse. In California, for example, luxurious mansions have been forfeited and turned into posh police precincts. The incentives for forfeiture abuse are omnipresent.

The comment was posted here, in a thread about the Roberts and Stratton book “The Tyranny of Good Intentions”.

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