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    Check out Americans for Forfeiture Reform
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    Check out Americans for Forfeiture Reform
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    TY :)
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    Very sad flower. Who can afford to pay a lawyer to fight for your rights? not me. HELP! Much love, Shad in Idaho
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    I am smack dab at the end of a civil forfeiture case! I stand to lose my most prized possessions. My Grandpa’s antique .22? My Daddy’s sidearm? $500.00? WTH? NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER TO TOUCH MY STUFF! OK they had a right to touch it, inspect it, TAKE A FRIGGING PICTURE OF IT. But no right to remove it.
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    DEA seized 400 k from my companys accounts because they didn’t like a medication one of the seven doctors in my employ was prescribing. This happened a year and a half ago and I was never formally charged with a crime, nor did I commit one.
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    TY :)
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    Look forward to contributing thank you
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    and will hopefully be able to participate and volunteer.